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If you have found your way here without visiting my stream, this won't make much sense. This page is reserved for the use of being linked to from my live Twitch streams.

special donation animations
ANIMATION cost (cash monies) description
jumpscare $6.66 a friendly demon screeches and pops through the screen
animations that are available to use for subscribers of the channel.
TYPE THIS cost (Shillings) description
!alan 130 Hey ALan Alan Al Alan Alan!
!awoo 100 Urara Meirouchou awoo with REEEE
!awoo2 50 knock knock whos there? awoo. AWOO?
!awoo6 30 Ed Edd Eddy AwoooOOooooO0o0o0o0o
!awoo7 280 Davy Jones "Awoo" then Patrick from Spongebob "LEEDLE LEE"
!ayaya 50 Kirino's Mosaic's AYAYA
!ayaya2 40 Continuation of AYAYA
!ayayaerror 130 AYAYA Overload
!ayeaye 100 HH's Aye Aye Captain
!bnews 50 Breaking News Overlay
!charging 80 Beam but chargin up laser
!clap 50 Clap for the Queen Ugandan Knuckles
!damage 50 Flex Tape Advert
!damn 30 Ice Cube and Chris Tucker DAMMMMN!
!deznuts2 240 HH's Original with Ice Age's Scrat and Deez Nuts
!diabolical 70 The boys "holy fuck, that was diabolical!"
!disclaimer 180 HH's Disclaimer
!dundundunn 30 Minion dun dun dunn
!error 200 Blue screening
!enhance 130 futurama scene about resolution
!fail 50 Pinky Pie with Trombone playing Fail
!fina 50 Fixed Long Necc Fina From
!finishhim 40 Mortal Combat's FINISH HIM
!giggity 25 Glen Quagmire's Giggity
!godzilla 80 Godzilla Roar with googly eyes
!ko 100 Street Fighter's KO overlay + sound effect
!lurk 10 HH's lurk
!michaelbay 100 Explosions!
!noice 20 Michael Rosen's Hot Food Noice Meme
!nokids 100 Lazy Town's Robbie Rotten's don't let your kids watch
!nut 100 humper boi slaps nut button
!okay 60 Homer Simpson retreating to the bush
!passed 100 GTA's passed overlay
!phrasing 30 Archer's Sterling Archer saying hey! phrasing
!please 30 "pretty please" - Fluttershy
!saber 80 Light saber draw
!shesaid 80 The Office "Thats what she said"
!smol 50 smol Peppa
!snake 20 Solid snake "!" with alerted sfx
!stock 50 Flex Seal with JonTron
!surprise 40 ...
!sweetbippy 40 Ed Edd and Eddy's you bet my sweet Bippy i did
!takemymoney 30 Futuramas Fry "Shut up and take my money"
!thatshit 100 Once you see that shit, it will fuck you up for life -Sausage party
!thicc 100 Metal Gear Solid dummy thicc
!thicc2 120 Thats a Thicc @ss Boi! DAM BOI, HE THICC
!wahaha 80 Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu with content awareness Scale
!wasted 80 GTA's Wasted overlay
!what 10 JonTron's "what?"
!whatever 20 MLP eye Roll
!whatwtf 30 full JonTron's "What? WTF?"
!yay 30 HH's Yay! with children yay
!yay2 50 MLP yay!
!yay3 50 MLP yay for murder!
!yay4 50 MLP yayyehhhhhh!
!bork 10 dog's arf
!huggywuggyuwu 40 huggy wuggy uwu, OwO notices your bulge, whats dis?
!salt 140 everything is salt, Salt is love, Salt is life
!beam 50 Gambare Beam!
Sound Effects that are available to use for anyone.
TYPE THIS cost (shilling) description
!7sea 25 "That how it be on the 7 sea" - Madcapthulhu
!barrelroll 25 Fox McCloud saying "Do a barrel roll!"
!butcha 25 "butcha didn't"
!byebye 25 Homer Simpson saying "Kiss my curvy butt, GoooOOooOOOod bye!"
!cheer 25 crowd cheering
!danger 25 Austin Powers saying "no no no no... dangers my middle name"
!dareyou 25 Samuel L. Jackson saying "say what again, SAY WHAT AGAIN, Say what again mother f**ker-"
!darkside 25 Darth Vader saying, "you don't know the power of the dark side"
!dawae 25 Ugandan Knuckles "do you know da way"
!disappointed 25 Kevin Sorbo from Hercules yelling "disappointed*
!filthy 25 Ren insulting and hitting Stimpy from Ren & Stimpy show.
!gig 25 Quagmirre from Family Guy saying "Giggity"
!gimmedat 25 "Gimme dat sh*t" - Madcapthulhu
!rawr 25 Godzilla bellow
!haha 25 Shy Ronnie's Haha
!honk 25 goose go honk :D
!howl 25 Werewolf howl
!jarofdirt 25 Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean saying "I've got a jar of dirt"
!keepthechange 25 Mobster Johnny from "Angels with Filthy Souls" saying "Keep the change ya filthy animal"
!knock 25 realistic knocking sfx
!kupo 25 Moggle Kupo sfx
!kweh 25 Chocobo
!listen 25 Navi saying "hey, listen" from Legend of Zelda
!lul 25 small crowd laughing
!mad 25 Ren from Ren and Stimpy
!mypepe 25 Multiplicity movie quote. "She touched my pepe steve"
!noice 25 Hot Foods, poems and stories with Michael Rosen
!ohboy 25 Madcapthulhu's OHBOY (loud)
!over9000 25 Goku's ITS OVER 9000!
!peanutbutter 25 Madcapthulhu's Peanutbutter Mikey voice
!plank 25 "get ready to walk the plank" - Madcapthulhu
!punygod 25 Hulk Avenger's puny God
!release 25 Clash of Titan's Liam Neeson's Release the Kraken
!reloaded 25 "okay, I'm realoaded" - unknown
!rich 25 I'm rich b*tch
!rimshot 25 ba-dum-tss
!rum 25 Where's me Rum - Madcapthulhu
!scumbag 25 Full Metal Jacket Were you born a fat, slimy, scumbag puke pieca' sh*t
!sexyes 25 Austin Power's Sex? Yes Please
!sh*ttersfull 25 Christmas Vacation's Sh*tters Full
!skidaddle 25 Skidaddle Skidoodle your d*ck is now a noodle
!smore 25 Oliver Twist Please Sir, i want some more
!snakes 25 Samuel.L.Jackson Snakes On a Plane I had it with this Mofo Snakes on this mofo plane
!spartans 25 300, Sparta! We dine in Hell
!swiper 25 Dora the Explorer Swiper no Swiping
!tarzan 25 Johnny Weismuller Tarzan Call
!wasted 25 GTA 5 Wasted sound effect
!whatarethose 25 What are those vine
!wilhelm 25 Wilhelm Scream
!woowe 25 Pee Wee's Playhouse "Whooooooo Whee!"
!yarr 25 "Yarrrrrr" - Madcapthulhu
!yay 25 Children's YAY
!youcandoit 25 Rob Schneider "you can do it!"
!yousure 25 John Cena's "are you sure about that?"
!dis 25 "Dam*t Syl" - Madcapthulhu
!offended 25 Steve Hughes saying "I was offended"
!oof 25 roblox oof